"More pasta, less sauce...”

It may be a common perception that pasta is but a mere canvas for a myriad of “exotic” toppings, drenched in a heapful of “complexity” to be considered a good pasta dish. Chefs and restaurants are therefore driven to layer and dress pasta dishes with overly complex ingredients matched with equally complex cooking techniques to meet these expectations. With this preoccupance in better sauces and fresher produce, pasta formats and pasta making techniques are kept minimalistic and are nothing more than a textural back drop for the dish. 

The idea behind a pasta dish should always center around the pasta and not be overtaken by the sauce and/ or its embellishments. 

It is this singular appreciation of pasta as the true protagonist that drew me into its world. The richness and depth of its tradition, techniques and history are as colourful, if not more than the complex sauces and produce we are accustomed to seeing and expect in our pasta dishes.

Focus on technique and processes

Ben Fatto is dedicated to the preservation of the art of pasta making, focusing on techniques of the old world whilst embracing innovation in the face of an ever changing environment. Tradition is respected without being a slave to it.

Yum Hwa