Flour + Water + Eggs + Hands = Magic

We found this to be true after watching a Nonna roll pasta by hand in a small family-run restaurant. 

It’s through our travels that we’ve found hand-formed pasta to be more than just authentic, it’s personal. It’s a snapshot of time, a chord variation and an act of love. 

This is why we’ve created Ben Fatto 95, a place where we’d like to share the craft of fresh pasta with anyone who loves to eat.

For us, the experience goes beyond the dish itself. It’s the space between, the poetry between the lines that we want you to feel with us.

Laboratorio di Pasta

We are constantly working to expand our repertoire. You will find some formats that we are currently working on (link button below).


Book a seating to allow us to share this experience with you and your guests. 

Location map

95 Paya Lebar Crescent, Singapore 536179