Small batch fresh pasta production

Bigoli al torchio

Composition: Freshly milled organic red spring wheat, eggs.

Format: Long.
Method of production: Drawn using bronze dies. 

Pasta only price: S$22/ 240g (serves 2 average persons)

Pasta and sauce price: S$38/ 240g pasta and 240g Ragu d'anatra* (serves 2 average persons)

*Duck legs braised for 3 hours, 2 hour-soffritto, Parmigiano rinds, meat stock, giblets, liver and Marsala.


Composition: Freshly milled organic Khorasan wheat. 

Format: Short.

Method of production: Thin cylinders of pasta  coiled around a wooden dowel and rolled by hand against the board.

Pasta and sauce price: S$34/ 160g pasta and 200g Pesto Trapanese* (serves 2 average persons)

*Toasted almonds, pine nuts combined with fresh Genoese basil, tomatoes and garlic emulsified with extra virgin olive oil.

Tortelloni di ricotta e spinaci 

Composition: Eggs and soft wheat. Filling of ricotta, fresh spinach, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months, garlic and noce moscata.

Format: Filled.

Method of production: 7cm pasta squares cut from sfoglie (traditional egg pasta sheets stretched traditionally by mattarello), cut and folded by hand.

Pasta only price: S$34/ 240g (serves 2 average persons)