Focus on technique 

The menu offering is designed for fresh pasta to take center stage; a break away from the traditional Italian menu structure which typically features pasta as a precursor to the main (usually meat/ seafood) dishes. This ensures that the pasta-centric program is continually challenged as nuances and techniques of pasta making are mastered and new boundaries are uncovered.

Menu format

With effect from February 2020, the menu will feature 5-6 pasta formats with small accompaniments serving as interludes for a more holistic experience. 

The menu will feature some pasta formats under the following categories in all of the courses:

1) Pasta Corta (short formats)
2) Pasta Lunga (long formats)
3) Pasta Ripieni (filled formats)
4) Pastina (tiny formats)
5) Trafilata al’ Bronzo (bronze drawn formats)
6) Pasta alla Sfoglia (traditional handmade formats)
7) Unusual shapes (formats not falling within the above)

Our experience will constantly evolve to make way for new or improved pasta formats. As such, changes will be made as deemed appropriate without any prior notice.

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