Menu structure

The menu is designed for fresh pasta to take center stage; a break away from the traditional Italian menu structure which typically features pasta as a precursor to the main (usually meat/ seafood) dishes.  This will enable us to focus on the nuances of the craft of fresh pasta. 

Within the base menu, you have the option to choose between pasta formats and also non-pasta choices (refer to the 'Contorni' section) to supplement as intermissions. 

Our experience will constantly evolve to make way for new or improved pasta formats as we develop and delve further into the craft. As such, we reserve the right to make changes as we deem appropriate without any prior notice.

For more booking information, please see our 'Book Now' page.

$120 (nett)

// To Begin (Per cominciare)


Homemade pickles.


A short pasta typical in Liguria made with soft wheat flour, water and salt. Hand rolled into small corkscrew-shapes. Pesto of basil and pistachio.



"Ears" from Puglia formed with 'Arco Basso' technique. Cavolo, anchovies and chilli. 

// Fresh Pasta (Degustazione di Paste)

Tortellini Bolognesi

Small pinches of meat filling (Mortadella bologna, ground pork, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmegiano Reggiano and nutmeg) encased within a egg-based dough and closed by hand. Brodo. 



Sheeted egg pasta, filled with mascarpone, Grana Padano and closed by hand. Water and butter.



Short pasta from Sassari, Sardinia rolled over a ridged board into helicoidal shapes. Su Ghisadu.


Macarrones de Podighe

Sardinian short pasta coloured with saffron and made off the thumb. Prawn sauce.



Bronze-drawn fresh Bucatini using semola di grano duro only. Tomatoes and guanciale. 


Lasagnette al' Ragu (w.e.f. February 2020)

Baked sheets of egg pasta folded over layers of Besciamella, meat sauce.

// Sweet (Dolce)

Granita alla fragola 

Strawberry flavoured slushie.


Home made pastry shells filled with ricotta and dipped in roasted pistachios

* Sparkling water and regular tap water will be provided

On the side (Contorni)

// Insalata di Pomodori, Finocchi e Frutti di Mare 

A summery salad of vine-ripened tomatoes, shaved fennel and fruits of the sea, tossed together in a anchovy dressing. Serves as a good intermission between pasta dishes.

$10 nett per serving (Minimum 6 persons).

// Bistecca Fiorentina

1.2kg Porterhouse/ T-bone steak (Australian 200+ days grainfed Angus) grilled over hardwood charcoal. Served medium rare.

$180 nett per serving. Serves 4 to 6 persons.

(Note: We are unable to guarantee the exact weight as advertised given the proportion of meat, bone and fat cover will inevitably vary.)

// Brasato di Pollo

Soft chicken thighs served in its own braising juices. 

$10 nett per serving (Minimum 6 persons).



Please reach out via email ( for bookings. Evening-only bookings are accepted on weekdays, weekends and public holidays, which are subject to availability. 

Seating capacity

 The optimal seating capacity serves a minimum party of 6 up to a maximum party of 10.   


To confirm your booking, a deposit will have to be made 2 months out from your date of choice as a demonstration of commitment to the slot - Refer to 'Payment and cancellation policy'

Payment and cancellation policy

Payment of 50% of the total amount will have to be collected as an upfront deposit upon confirmation of the event (i.e. confirmation of the date, party size and finalization of the menu) and the balance will have to be paid 3 days before the event. Payment can be accepted via electronic platforms such as PayLah!, PayNow and Inter bank transfer. 

We seek your understanding that all funds held in deposit will have to be forfeited if there is any cancellation within 14 days of the event date.

Check-in/ Check-out time

All diners are required to arrive by 7.00pm. For the consideration of neighboring residents, it is kindly requested for all diners to vacate the premise by 10.00pm.


We operate on a BYOB and no corkage policy.