Laboratorio di Pasta 

In our pasta studio, we are constantly working on our dough formulas and processes to get them better. Below are some pasta formats that we are currently working on. These are not on the menu but some are almost ready to be, so do enquire!

Doppio Caramelle

A regular caramelle but made with two complimentary flavours filled in one ravioli. Finished in a butter and herb sauce.

Culurgiones Ogliastrini

Traditional Sardinian ravioli filled with a root vegetable, cheese and herbs braided closed by hand and served with a tomato based sauce.

Maccarones di Busa

Typical of Sardinia and influenced by the Arab civilization in the middle ages, the word 'Busa' derives from the Arabian reed used for wrapping strips of dough around to make the pasta.


Little bells which are hand formed and served with a vegetable or meat ragu.

Fusi Istriani

A rare pasta from Friuli-Venezia Giulia (North-East Italy).