Laboratorio di Pasta 

In our pasta studio, we are constantly working on our dough formulas and processes to get them better. Below are some pasta formats that we are currently working on. These are not on the menu but some are almost ready to be, so do enquire!

Tortelloni di Maiale 

Egg pasta sheets with a pork filling folded by hand. Served in either a rich chicken broth or fonduta.

Doppio Caramelle

A regular caramelle but made with two complimentary flavours filled in one ravioli. Finished in a butter and herb sauce.

Culurgiones Ogliastrini

Traditional Sardinian ravioli filled with a root vegetable, cheese and herbs braided closed by hand and served with a tomato based sauce.


Little ravioli made with a pasta stamp and stuffed with cheese or meat. Served in broth.

Maccarones di Busa

Typical of Sardinia and influenced by the Arab civilization in the middle ages, the word 'Busa' derives from the Arabian reed used for wrapping strips of dough around to make the pasta.

Trofie alla Genovese

A short pasta from Liguria which are made entirely by hand. Served with pesto.


Little bells which are hand formed and served with a vegetable or meat ragu.

Fusi Istriani

A rare pasta from Friuli-Venezia Giulia (North-East Italy).


An extremely time consuming short pasta from Morgongiori, Sardinia. The shape’s name is given as it resembles the rings (loriga) placed under the yoke (wooden beams fitted on a pair of oxen) which are used to pull heavy loads. 



Please reach out via email ( for bookings. Dinner bookings are accepted on weekdays, weekends and public holidays, which are subject to availability. 

Seating capacity

 The optimal seating capacity serves a minimum party of 6 up to a maximum party of 8.  


To confirm your booking, a deposit will have to be made 2 months out from your date of choice as a demonstration of commitment to the slot and to allow other diners to fill it should there be a cancellation - Refer to 'Payment and cancellation policy'

Payment and cancellation policy

Payment of 50% of the total amount will have to be collected as an upfront deposit upon confirmation of the event (i.e. confirmation of the date, party size and finalization of the menu) and the balance will have to be paid 3 days before the event. Payment can be accepted via electronic platforms such as PayLah!, PayNow and Inter bank transfer. 

We seek your understanding that all funds held in deposit will have to be forfeited if there is any cancellation within 14 days of the event date.

Menu customization

Where possible, certain restrictions or food preferences/ allergies can be accommodated. Please bring this to our attention when making a booking.

Check-in/ Check-out time

All diners are required to arrive by 7.30pm. For the consideration of neighboring residents, it is kindly requested for all diners to vacate the premise by 10.30pm.


We operate on a BYOB and no corkage policy.